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Sports and Games

It goes without saying that one of the most important tasks today is to bring up a healthy generation. That is why most governments pay special attention to sport and physical education. All students have at least two PT lessons a week. Most colleges have well-equipped gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts, where students can develop physically and get all the necessary skills and habits. It is known that most teenagers are interested in sport or take part in a sporting activity.

Boys, girls and teenagers participate in a great number of sport events. They include indoor and outdoor sports such as football, rugby, cricket, swimming, squash, tennis, running, athletics, horse-riding, archery, chess, and many other social games.

Many of these activities are organised through school or through youth clubs. Every school, college or university has sport teams and groups. They are formed to compete with other schools and clubs.

In many cases sport has become a commercial affair. Large sports and leisure centres have excellent facilities for sport and fitness. Though they are not free, and people have to pay, children and grown-ups attend them willingly. Such places are especially popular with teenagers because they usually offer discounted rates for young people.

Nowadays almost all people are fond of some sport, because it helps them to keep fit and because they enjoy it.

There are summer and winter kinds of sports. The winter sports are: speed and figure skating, skiing, hockey, free style and so on.

Some people prefer summer sports. The most popular are: swimming, rowing, fishing, track and field athletics, mountain-climbing, hiking and others. You can go in for gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, weight-lifting, play volley-ball, basket-ball and tennis in a gym all the year round.

Sports are very much the same in most countries, but some sports are more popular than others in a certain country. Cricket, golf and soccer are popular in England. Baseball and rugby football are popular in America.

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